During my recovery I have had the opportunity to visit with my daughter and spend more time with her.  She has shown empathy and compassion and a genuine concern for those around her.  Family members have commented on how well she is doing and the positive change they have noticed.  For the first time I have not had to worry about my daughter’s safety.  Her staff team is dedicated to her well-being and is committed to ensuring her daily successes.


Client Mom

  My daughter is safe and my family can visit her and call her when we want.  She is happy and learning skills to help her in the future.  Her Case Manager Facilitator cares about her and always calls me to let me know how she is doing.  I am happy she is with her so I don’t worry about her.


Client Dad

  Imagine Therapeutic Services is a caring, considerate group of individuals who are 100% devoted to the care and happiness of their clients and their families.  They helped Shane transition with a well thought out plan.  They provide 1 to 1 support and are inclusive of family.  This service provided my son with a home, not an institution.  They are an extension of our family and are helping our son live his best life.


Client Mom

  I am the mother of a 29 year old son who is loving, kind and very social.  He happens to be autistic with verbal skills and developmentally delayed with health complications.  Imagine Therapeutic Services has provided care for my son.  I have found their approach to be person centred, responsive, and organized.  They also understand trauma informed care principles.  Communication has been organized and fluid with myself and my son; follow up has been timely; engagement in relationships and community a priority.  In the adult sector it is difficult to find quality care.  Imagine is creating an ecosystem of people and systems that is top notch, and compliant to high standards of care.  As with any successful business it is about relationships, flexibility, innovation, and protocols-dealing with those most vulnerable makes these core values critical for me in my knowing my son is valued as a person and cared for as an individual.


Client Mom

 I really like my home and staff.  I get to do things I like each day and they help me be safe.



  Imagine Therapeutic Services stands out as an organization that puts the individuals they serve first!  Having worked in support services field for 11 years, I can say whole heartily, that the compassion and dedication given by all is second to none.  ITS has set a new standard of care.  They have created home environments that are friendly, welcoming and warm.  It’s been wonderful seeing those we serve so happy.  It’s an absolute honour to work for ITS and I am incredibly proud to be a part of their team.


Staff Member

  During my time as the child care worker (case manager) for a transitional youth I was extremely impressed with the services provided by Imagine Therapeutic Services.  I found the staff at ITS to be professional, competent, and able to manage and maintain a good rapport with the individual.  My client was extremely difficult to find appropriate services that were able to meet her needs.  ITS worked in collaboration with a variety of local services.  ITS was the only service provider that was able to provide residential services for an extended period of time.  I highly recommend ITS for individuals that are difficult to place in residential setting and for individuals that have complex needs and dual diagnosis.

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