Our Story

Imagine Therapeutic Services came into being through the collective experiences of our team. Our vision is to address the needs of transitional youth and adults with special needs from several perspectives.

The end goal is to assist our clients and families to become healthier and happier, capable of overcoming obstacles and reaching new levels of success.

How do we do that? First and foremost, we don’t ever give up. With the support of a wrap-around system including Program Managers, Program Counsellors, Therapists, Psychologists, Coaches, Teachers, and Parents we know that adults and youth can overcome seemingly insurmountable struggles. Our team of trained professionals perform with compassion and commitment to ensure that each individual has the greatest opportunity for success.


Our Mission Statement

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IMAGINE THERAPEUTIC SERVICES offers a comprehensive multi-disciplinary service in high quality environments for adults with special needs. All services promote: social inclusion, individual choice, independence, and rights. These services include: assessment, one-to-one in-house support, therapy, psychological consultation, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) specialists, activity-based programming and long-term community living services. We are committed to building relationships that support resilience, learning, care, continued development and happiness, in an environment that is structured, predictable, consistent, and safe.
Our competitive advantage includes the expertise of a team of people who have experience, education, collective wisdom and problem-solving skills. Using this team of people, IMAGINE THERAPEUTIC SERVICES has developed services that provide a win-win program for all community partners. Our intent is to maintain a superior level of expertise by staying abreast with all current industry practices. IMAGINE THERAPEUTIC SERVICES complies with all standards of the Regulations of the Government of Ontario “Quality Assurance Measures” (QAM).
We believe one of the keys to success is in the staff we hire. We are committed to creativity, inclusiveness, and empowerment for our staff. Our philosophy includes growth through continued training, education, a quality work environment, clinical supervision, transparency and teamwork. We value fair and competitive compensation, advancements from within, and diversity.
IMAGINE THERAPEUTIC SERVICES is dedicated to providing this superior quality of service and will
maintain this standard by continually accessing feedback from its community partners as part of our quality assurance system.
We will work tirelessly to collaborate with all community partners including members, families, staff, communities and agencies. Frankly we will not settle for anything less than excellence in delivery of service.

Imagine the possibilities

Our Team

At IMAGINE THERAPEUTIC SERVICES we have created a team that is made up of caring professionals dedicated to working with children, youth, families and adults. Our team offers behavioural specialists, child and youth counsellors, clinical expertise, psychological consultations, direct care consellors, nurses and therapists. Fundamentally, we all share a passion to experience success and discover a sense of belonging. Made up of a multidisciplinary team our aim is to individualize programmes allowing every young person and adult the opportunity to imagine resiliency, nurturing, trust, and hope.

Liz Doll

Executive Director

For more than 40 years, Liz has been involved in providing professional and compassionate treatment and residential care services for vulnerable youth and their families.

After the completion of her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, she began her career in human service as a group home “House Manager” with Pioneer Youth Services in Waterloo.

In 1982, Liz took on the job of “Program Manager” with the world-renowned Covenant House in Toronto. Here she gained valuable experience working in the field of human trafficking and street youth. During this time, she completed her Masters Degree in Child and Youth Administration from Nova South Western University. After 10 years with Covenant House, Liz continued her career development when she became the “Clinical Director” for Hume Wood House, a multiservice organization in Toronto. For 18 years Liz worked in the therapeutic foster care system developing programs.

In addition to direct service work, Liz has been a Professor in the Child and Youth Program at both George Brown college in Toronto and Georgian College in Barrie. Currently, she sits on the Advisory Committee for the Georgian College Child and Youth Worker Program.

It has been a long time dream of Liz’s to start a care system for adults and children in accordance with the beliefs and ideals she has gathered during her 40-year career. IMAGINE THERAPEUTIC SERVICES Inc. is the realization of that dream. Liz looks forward to meeting the needs of vulnerable youth and adults through advocacy and the provision of compassionate, and professional care.