IMAGINE Therapeutic Services

    Imagine Therapeutic Services offers a comprehensive multi -disciplinary service to children and adults with special needs, in high quality environments. These services include, assessment, one to one in house support, therapy, psychological consultation, ABA specialists, day programming, respite care and short and long term residential services. We are committed to building relationships that support resilience, learning, care, continued development and happiness, in an environment that is structured, predictable, consistent and safe. We believe in a circle of care.

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    Our Programmes & Services.


    Providing caregivers with planned or emergency care for children, youth and adults.

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    Long Term Care

    Providing safe and caring homes for individuals with special needs which will include behavioural, emotional, or cognitive challenges.

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    Day Programme

    Providing individuals with the opportunity for further lifeskill and social skill building through daily activities within their community.

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    Family Support and Outreach

    Providing support and intervention to families and caregivers.

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    Imagine Therapeutic Services thanks Muskoka Brewery for hand sanitizer during Covid-19

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